Tasty beats by Mario Anzola. Todd is working on his latest album which will be coming out soon.

Silver Pools before Silver Pools became Silver Pools :)

The music of the amazing Soren Brothers. Todd has mixed & 'mastered' many of his recent albums. 


The Strombo Show
a fun radio show on CBC Radio 2 that Todd records & mixes bands for. 

House of Strombo
Like above but for Apple Music

Tape Op Magazine
Recording nerd zone :)


Mouca Records
A fun european label that released the debut Silver Pools album. 

UR Audiovisual
Toronto based tape label. Released Silver Pools debut album on cassette.  Todd has also helped mix and master some releases. 

Ache Records
A dormant Vancouver based label run by the super talented musician & visual artist Andy Dixon. Released The Winks many moons ago. 

Drip Audio
The brainchild of music wizard Jesse Zubot who along with his brother Josh taught Todd many mandolin spells. Also, released a split by Tights & The Winks back in 2005. 

Obsolete Components
A great ambient label run by the legendary Matt & Mark Thibideau in Toronto. 


The Dupe Shop
1185 Bloor St W
Toronto, ON, M6H 1N3

Moog Audio Toronto
442 Queen St W
Toronto, ON, M5V


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